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How Blueberry Backdrops started...

Creating the perfect photography backdrop can be a difficult and time-consuming task. It takes a lot of dedication and imagination to create a backdrop that will work for any type of photography. But here at Blueberry Backdrops, we have taken it upon ourselves to create the perfect photography backgrounds for food & product photography, editorial, and social media content. Our journey to creating these photography backdrops has been filled with trial and error, but in the end, we are proud of the quality and unique look that we have achieved. Through this blog post, we will share our story of creating the perfect photography backdrops.

Banoffee Pie + Photography Backdrop

One of the first backdrops I designed - Nile.

The idea of Blueberry Backdrops came to me when I was running my cookery school at the time - Margarita's Tasty Kitchen. Food photography was a big part of the business, and I found myself using the same surfaces time and time again. So, I started creating my backdrops - purely for myself in the beginning. But soon enough, Blueberry Backdrops was created! 

Styling Photography Backdrop

Styling one of our photography backdrops.

I originally had the idea back in 2016, but I was too busy with the cookery school and a new baby at the time to give it any focus. When I did have the time (as much as any mother has time!), the pandemic hit. So it wasn't until Spring 2021, when I finally took the leap! 


I wanted to create photography backdrops that were waterproof, portable, durable and above all else, realistic. There is no point in creating a styling surface that doesn't look like the real thing! It took me ages, and I mean ages, to find the right material. It had to be matt, had no texture and could easily lay flat. My printers have incredible patience!

Photography Backdrop

Of course, in the beginning, I thought I would just have to take a picture of the surface I wanted, get it printed and done! Of course, things are never that easy. I invested in a high-resolution camera, familiarized myself with anything to do with large-format printing, and learned as much as possible about Photoshop. It took time, but we got there in the end!

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